Ask a professional to effectively translate your documents, posts or website to help you sell more. You can send me files in any format, and I'll deliver you the translated version without changing the layout.

Don’t let language barriers prevent you from expanding your business abroad!

Translating is the subtle art of adapting your texts (effectively) to reach a wider market.

If you want to conquer new markets, the first thing you need to do is translate your content to suit your different target markets! Indeed, translated websites rank higher on Google. With almost 6,000,000 speakers, French is the fifth most spoken language in the world (in 2023), spoken on all continents in countries such as Canada, Switzerland and France.

I’m sure you’ve already come across a translation so poor it has made you laugh.

Chances are this poor translation was provided by someone’s cousin who just came back from a year abroad, or worse, Google Translate.

Translating is no easy task, it requires years of practice as well as:

  • in-depth knowledge of both languages and cultures
  • excellent writing skills…it isn’t enough to be a native speaker, as we all know people who don’t write or speak their own language as well as they should
  • thorough understanding of the field and its terminology

Tourism > I have a degree in tourism and worked for almost 10 years in the tourism industry, which is one of the reasons why Lonely Planet asked me to translate their guides

NGO > I volunteered as an interpreter in refugee camps in Sicily and volunteered with a humanitarian organisation in Kenya, which is one of the reasons why I was asked to translate more than 100 asylum applications as well as public reports for NGO

Marketing > Being an entrepreneur myself, I read a lot about marketing and business, which is why numerous companies, including sustainable clothing brands, regularly ask me to translate their marketing content

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