About Maël Blivet

A Native French Translator.

Native French translator (English and Italian to French) who specializes in tourism, marketing and humanitarian development.

Recipe for Success

Translator. Traveler. Entrepreneur.

I am a French freelance translator (I translate from English and Italian to French and specialize in tourism , marketing, and humanitarian development ).

But I’m also…

A Traveler.

Who went to dozens of countries and made his dream come true while backpacking solo around Asia for six months. I am an adept of slow travel and even though I loved sleeping in 5 star hotels when I worked as a tour leader, my style is more about hitchhiking, backpacking, Couchsurfing and improvising: less is more! I traveled 25 times in Italy before settling in Emilia Romagna. I can’t possibly imagine traveling to a country without learning the language, eating as spicy as local and make friends.

I don’t tick boxes, I collect memories such as the days I attended an Indian wedding, the day I helped an Indian friend to move out or the day I went for 50km trek in Morocco. I’m not on Instagram but I do have a travel blog. I am a digital nomad and regularly translate content for the tourism industry. I collaborate with Lonely Planet. My favorite countries are Italy, India and Thailand.

A People Person.

I teach networking at ISIT, one of the most famous translation schools in the world.
My former bosses all say their customers highly appreciated my interpersonal skills and the way I connect with people. My former coworkers all say they appreciated working with someone who values sincerity and instantly connects with anyone.

Along with a team of 7 fellow translators, I manage a network of 700+ professional translators (shall you have specific translation needs, I would be happy to help you find the perfect match for your translation project from/to French). If you’re a translator and translate from/to French, you can send me a message and I might invite you to join our community.

A Polyglot.

When not working or traveling, I work on my language skills. I speak 8 languages but only translate from my two strongest languages into French, my native language.

An Athlete.

I practice table tennis for almost 15 years and won several titles. I now practice Muay Thai.
Passion and perseverance helped overcome many personal and professional challenges, as well as not giving up while running half marathons.

Why did I go freelance and created a company named Treiñnomad?

In 2018, I searched for my Ikigai and realized three things:

  • I wanted to make the most of my language skills,
  • I wanted to do a work that would fulfill my needs and desires (travelling the world whenever I wanted to)
  • I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I graduated in translation and opened my freelance business. This is how Treiñnomad was born.

In 2018 Maël founded Treiñnomad. What began as a search for Ikigai, turned into a desire to use languages as a traveling entrepreneur.
Manage a network/community of over 700+ professional translators.
I teach networking at ISIT, one of the most famous translation schools in the world.

Are you a fellow translator?

...What We Do For Each Other.

Network. Collaborate. Prosper.

If you translate from/to French, you may want to get in touch and join our Discord community (we’re over 700 freelance translators, we cowork together all around the world and help each other in numerous ways).

You might also be interested in taking my online networking class (tailored for translators)!

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Let’s connect on LinkedIn! Make sure to send me a message along with your request, otherwise chances are I won’t accept it. You can also contact me by email.



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